Being Blissful MeditationTM


Being Blissful Meditation


Introduction – Purpose:

Being Blissful meditation, maximizes the use of brain power, awakens infinite possibilities, sharpens the intellect and establishes blissful state. Having mastered this powerful meditation, one can attain the ultimate heights in life, after which nothing remains to be known, nothing to be said and nothing to be done. Awaken your life and awaken others’ lives. Through this course, learn the ultimate possibilities of self and teach others.

What is Being Blissful?

Bliss is Anand or the ultimate joy. Being Blissful means Anandamaya. Anandamaya is the ultimate love, the ultimate state of blissful life, where all the dualities, dilemmas and sorrows are extinguished, where there is freedom from happiness and sorrow, which is beyond negative-positive, which means Knowing yourself, joyfully and experiencing total presence. Anandamaya means eternal joyful state, no dependence on anyone for happiness. Blissfulness is beyond emotions, beyond dualities, beyond qualities and beyond time. Blissfulness is your eternal nature. Don’t leave this world without realizing it. What is being blissful? Blissfulness is inherent in every person. It is eternal, supremely joyful, flawless, divine and magnanimous.

What is Being Blissful Meditation (BBM) (Joyful Meditation)?

BBM is the divine ray of hope for human beings, envisaged by Dr. Omanand Guruji as a result ofyears of austerity, meditation, research and tenacity.
BBM is a complete scientific process by which a person can discover the ultimate possibilities of his life. Today, along with the development of society, there are tensions, troubles, sorrow and diseases in every house. Regular use of BBM equips us with a panacea in a minimal expense and gives life-saving powers by awakening our latent energies. BBM is an accurate formula for the transformation of Life


The Emblem of Being Blissful / Anandmaya Dhyana is a Lotus with a spectrum of colors. This Emblem resonates with the ideology of our program. All of us have 7 major energy centers in our body known in yogic science as Chakras. Each of these Chakras is represented in the shape of a Lotus Flower and is associated with a colour. A journey through the seven chakra colors is essentially a journey through the rainbow.

Each of the seven chakras has a corresponding color that follows the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or white). The colors are fluid, constantly changing just as your emotions change. The color of a chakra indicates your current physical, emotional, and spiritual state.Red lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart.

It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. White lotus symbolize wisdom, the state of total mental purity and spiritual perfection. The blue lotus is the symbol of the victory of the Atma over the senses of intelligence and wisdom of knowledge.

During the anandmaya Dhyan you will experience subtle, but powerful changes, on an energetic level helping you feel more harmony, balance and equilibrium in your own energy. Just be present with awareness of your intention of what it is you wish to receive from this program, you are already setting yourself in a new & blissful direction. And when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.


This program brings balance, optimum utilzation and harmony in the body, mind, intellect, and life. After mastery realize the True Self and perform all worldly duties with Bliss. Despite so many new inventions by scientists, still human beings sufferings have not been ended. Object based journey brings many sufferings, stress, tension, fear, anger, etc. Subject based journey bring Bliss and removes sufferings.
Through this program invoke your powers, enlighten yourself and spread the true light,
wisdom, peace and bliss to the mankind.

Mode of teachings

English, Residential course in the Ashram and online.


To become BBMTM Ambassador(teacher) Level 1
2 weeks intensive course followed by 40 days self practice.
To learn BBMTM for your own self:
5 hours spread over 5 days, followed by 40 days self practice.
Certificates will be issued.

Optional: one can live in the Ashram up-to 40 days and practice.


Suitable for Yoga Teachers, Discipline, commitment, trust and practice.

Highly recommended and suitable for:
All walks of life, Individuals, Banks Organizations Entrepreneurs Businessmen Corporate Sector Officers, Executives Professionals


2 credits


Ancient Sanskrit texts simplified.

Main guide and inspirer
Dr. Omanand Guruji and his team will guide the course. Being a residential course students have enough time to raise their awareness and improve their understanding about the most basic things, such as, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation, maintaining an erect posture etc. They will be guided through various techniques the art of entering the meditative state. Guruji guides meditation uniquely and effectively. Almost everyone can experience trance like state.


There are physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual benefits.but few are as follows:
  • Physical: increases strength, ability, capacity, efficiency and immunity.
  • Mental: increases mental powers, clarity, happiness, peaceful, etc.
  • Intellectual: increases IQ, logical powers, efficiency, alertness, quality of work.
  • Social: improves relationships in life, job, business, family and society.
  • Financial: creativity, better calculations and feelings improves.
  • Spiritual: gateways open for Self Realization and liberation, Improves Confidence, Crisis Management, Improves self-awareness, Increases Strength and Abilities, Confidence to face life Challenges, Easy conflict handling, Promotes Motivated & Committed behaviour, Improves communication skills, co-ordination & Improved teamwork, Taps and/or Boosts the natural strengths and Talents, Boosts the latent inner ability to explore Leadership qualities, Promotes making realistic decisive Plans and implementation, Relationship management with Family, friends, and co-workers Observance of different personalities and their Behavioural traits


More Benefits of BBMTM

There are many advantages and few of them are as follows:
Problem resolution

  • Life Force Awakening
  • Feel inspired everyday
  • Increased learning ability
  • Release the blocks of insecurity
  • Positive effect on people around
  • Liberation from habitual patterns
  • Enjoy and accept all phases of life
  • Amazingly calm and stress-free feeling
  • Performance improvement at all spheres of life
  • Handle odd situations in interesting & enjoyable way
  • Greater capacity to understand life and things around you
  • Live a happy and radiantly healthy life gaining inner peace
  • Priceless techniques for a rejuvenated and blissful Holistic Life
  • Improving physical, mental, emotional, intellectual & spiritual life
  • Overall Personality Development & achieve meaningful, measurable results
  • Better memory, concentration & comprehension skills & studying techniques

Teaching methodology will include

Discourses, Lectures, Discussions, Question-Answers, Practical, Theory, Demonstrations, Yogic Kriyas, Yogic Techniques, Mudras, Shakti techniques, and Meditation.



Practical teaching is an essential part of the curriculum.
The students are given opportunities to conduct meditation sessions for public coming to ashram for their yoga sessions. All students must guide a meditation session to demonstrate their skills. They will be assigned to provide healing/relief to real life patients/ mock patients through guided meditation. They will be graded for Ease with which they lead the session, Flow of instructions, Clarity of instructions, Response of the meditator Feedback from the meditator/ mentor.
They will be practical/ written exam at the end of the course.


Outlines of syllabus, study and basic understandings of some of the following topics are covered are as follows:

What is Meditation and why we need it.
Stages in meditation.
Types of Meditation
Obstacles on the path of meditation and how to overcome these.
Different paths of Yoga
Eight Limbs of Yoga
Three Doshas/Prakriti (Sattav,Rajas,Tamas)
Life Style (Yama and Niyama)
Correct way of sitting during meditation.
What is mind? friend or a foe. Mind management.
Five layers of Body
Five types of Breath (Prana)
Different levels of consciousness.
Basic studies of Kundalini Shakti, Chakras and meditation
Basic understanding of Prana and Shakti
Basic understanding of Yoga Psychology and Analysis of Chitta-Vrittis
Techniques to go beyond mind.
Basics of Mudra Science.
Basics of Bandha Science
Basics of Dharna (one pointedness)
Basic pre-qualifications for attaining success: Anushasan, Abhyas, Shraddha, Samarpan, Vairagya
Guru Disciple relationship
What is Self-realization?
How to teach meditation effectively.
Meditation as part of yoga therapy.
Meditation as the best medication.
Cleansing through meditation
Introduction to Chid Shakti
Yogic philosophy: Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Taravali.

Course Fee

Eligibility Duration Fees US$ Learning Method
High School or Graduate or Masters or Ph.D. 2 weeks $760 On Campus

Fee includes:

  • tuition fees
  • registration fees
  • course material
  • meals
  • accommodation
  • airport pickup/drop off
  • Very special energized rudraksh mala
  • Pure Crysal Shivlingam for self meditation practice

Teachers will be authorized to teach BBM after this course as per standard guidelines and ancient tradition.

Course Books

Total Awakening – by Dr. Omanand Guruji.
Galaxy of Yoga – by Dr. Omanand
Bhagvad Gita (Summarized) Gita Press Gorakhpur
Yoga and Psychotherapy – by Dr. Omanand
Secrets of Chakras and Kundalini Shakti – by Dr. Omanand
Alchemy of Life – Dr. Omanand at the end of the course students will be issued a certificate and will be able to help their peer alleviating the rising stress levels and can provide effective yoga therapy. Guruji always states that meditation is the best medication.

Students can also request Guruji to bless them with a yogi name and initiate them on the path to blissfulness.
Advance course on meditation can be taken only after students complete 40 hours as a meditation teacher.

yoga instructor course
yoga instructor course
yoga instructor course
yoga instructor course