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    Being Blissful Meditation®

  • Meditation

    Follow your bliss
    and the universe will open doors
    where there were only walls.

  • Meditation

    If you want to find bliss,
    hang out in the space between
    your thoughts.

  • Meditation

    Meditation is a way
    for nourishing and blossoming
    the divine within you


by Dr. Omanand Guruji himself (On Google Meet)

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Words of Wisdom


  • "Most authentic experience in traditional Indian yoga. Excellent education in yoga therapy and philosophy. Deep meditation experiences under guidance and blessings of Dr. Omanand (Guruji). Bonding with a global community of yoga practitioners and enthusiasts. Life changing and powerful. I absolutely recommend any of their programs to all seekers of yoga and deeper spiritual connection."
  • “Hearty Thanks to Paramanand Institute. It has helped me, change my life. . This institute has taught me the improvements... Deepest gratitude”
  • "Paramanand is not an ordinary school where one enrols to receive a certificate that entitles him or her to teach. Paramanand is an Ashram for the life of the seeker. Guruji is extraordinary, under his guidance and blessings one cannot help but transcend this mundane life of ordinary teachings to receive the ultimate and eternal knowledge. No words can express my gratitude to Guruji who has kindly blessed by School with his presence and supported me to lead my students into a new era of knowledge , love, bliss ,higher consciousness, and divinity."
  • "Thanks to everyone at this wonderful ashram. Paramanand Institute is more than sharing knowledge. I am thankful for all your time. It has been truly Bliss."
  • "How would you describe? How a pear taste lke, if the person listening to you never had the chance to try it so far? Well, its sweet but sour, soft but graining, juicy but crunchy too. No matter..."
  • "When I came to Paramanand, I was already loaded with rich experience of teaching yoga for 12 years. But what I learned here has opened my eyes to true, authentic and deeper yoga. I have no ..."
  • "This really amazing place. Teachers give you knowledge what yoga really is. From the base gide you throw all yoga elements. Finally I found my home here"
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    Audra Aditi Mclleland
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    Blythe Alladine
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    Heba Ma Harigeet
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    Maj Kofod
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    Olivia Winiger
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    Prof. Chris Lane
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    Zofia sun SMU